HyperFund Global Review

In this HyperFund Global Review, we shall be discussing many of the most asked questions about this unique passive rewards, membership opportunity.

From "what is HyperFund Global?" to "who the founders are", "how it works", "how to get started" and more.

What is HyperFund Global?

HyperFund Global is a completely passive opportunity which rewards members between 0.5% - 1.0% daily on your membership pack, until it has returned two or three times the value.

Membership packages start at 300HU, 500HU, paid in USDT (ERC-20 or TRC-20), and go up to 1000HU, although you can buy as many as you like so there is no limit.

Once your daily rewards has reached 50HU, you can withdraw or re-buy to increased your membership value.

About The HyperFund Global opportunity

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With HyperFund Global, you get access to a proprietary system that can give you exclusive private token pre-sales for hand-picked projects not available anywhere else. You enjoy daily rewards and have access to an incredible community of like-minded individuals and top level blockchain education.

About HyperFund Global Opportunity

Companies in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain industry spend tens of millions of dollars to attract users to their projects and tokens. With this unique system of HyperFund Global Community, the HyperTech Group is able to leverage their resources, acquire innovative projects and get them listed on big exchanges.

They gain great exposure by putting a strong community (us) behind these projects thereby drastically lowering costs and risks involved. By doing so, they can increase the value of their diversified portfolio, creating a win-win situation where everyone benefits from the market performance.

On top of a highly profitable crypto portfolio, HyperTech Group is developing a unique decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem that capitalizes on some of the most profitable industries in existence such as social media, crypto mining, eCommerce, news, digital banking, and financial technology. One ecosystem, 9 highly profitable apps, all adding massive value, revenue streams, and revolutionizing the industry as we know it.

How Can You Get Started With HyperFund Global?

Creating your HyperFund account is simple and free and there are no monthly membership fees or forced upgrades.

Getting Started With HyperFund:

1. Get Registered: You need to get registered through an invitation link of an existing member - WhatsApp Us for an invitation link »

2. Fund Your Membership: Fund Your HyperFund Deposit wallet with USDT TRC20 or USDT ERC20 and purchase your membership.

Once you deposit USDT (Tether) and purchase your membership, you'll start receiving daily Rewards of 0.5% of the value of your purchased membership, until 3x that membership value is reached.

Below is the Step-By-Step Process to Get Started:

1. Get an Invitation Link from us and visit the HyperFund Global registration page.

2. Register your free account.

3. Send 300 HU, 500 HU, or 1,000 HU worth of USDT (Tether) either as USDT TRC20 or USDT ERC20 into your deposit wallet to fund your membership.

4. Purchase your 300 HU, 500 HU or 1,000 HU membership package and start receiving daily rewards.

You can purchase memberships in increments of 300 HU, 500 HU or 1,000 HU to any value that you want. 1HU is approximately $1.

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HyperFund Global Founders

HyperFund Global is a crypto community founded by highly respected and influential people in the Blockchain industry, the founders of The HyperTech Group

HyperTech, HyperFund Presentation

The Founders of The HyperFund Global, HyperCommunity

Ryan Xu
Ryan Xu
: The founder of the HyperTech Group, Ryan Xu is the majority shareholder of five Australian and NASDAQ listed Blockchain tech companies, the founder of Collinstar Capital (one of the world's largest blockchain venture capital firms), the co-founder of the world's first non-profit Blockchain knowledge hub, Blockchain Centre, and an angel investor in not only the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance and ZB.com, but a number of the most successful cryptocurrencies.

Sam Lee
Sam Lee
: Chairman of the HyperTech Group, Sam Lee is the founder and CEO of Blockchain Global, co-founder of Blockchain Centre and a frequent guest and Blockchain commentator on, for example, CNN, Bloomberg, BBC and Forbes.

He is also a sought-after guest and keynote speaker, having spoken at the United Nations and World Economic Forum summits.

Jayden Wei
Jayden Wei​
: CEO of the HyperTech Group, Jayden Wei is - besides being Executive Director of Collinstar Capital, CEO of Molecular Future and co-founder of HyperDAO - an experienced Fund Manager skilled in Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Corporate Finance, and Corporate Advisory services.

Roy Lam: Chief Intelligence Officer of the HyperTech Group, Roy Lam owns 11.9% of Australia's second largest stock exchange (National Stock Exchange of Australia), is a regular TEDx speaker and Captain of a famous reality TV show called "the Brain". He is also widely regarded as the "smartest man in Hong Kong".

Kris Kay: Chief Strategy Officer of the HyperTech Group, Kris Kay is amongst other things, Vice President of the Young Entrepreneur's Association of Singapore, the World Economic Forum's Davos Conference Youth Representative and Singapore's Outstanding Youth Representative.

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Who Is Behind HyperFund Global?

Behind HyperFund Global is The HyperTech Group, a conglomerate of 3 industry leading Blockchain comapnies namely;

1. ColinStar
2. Blockchain Global
3. HCash

These 3 companies that are working with and are supported by fortune 500 companies and governments around the world. They have invested in and incubated some of the most successful blockchain companies in the entire world.

They own more than 40 world class crypto exchanges and are developing world class technology that is set to disrupt entire industries.

About HyperTech Group

Why Should You Trust HyperFund Global?

1. They Have over 6 years proven track record with over $500 million in strategic developments

2. They have millions of users across multiple exchanges and platforms owned by the HyperTech Group

3. They have billions of dollars under management

4. They have a range of projects with up to 19,000% gains under Collinstar Capital's management

HyperFund Global Information Documents for Downloads

1. HyperFund, HyperCommunity Overview 

2. HyperDrive Reward System 2X-3X Your Membership Package 

3. HyperFund Global Due Diligence Checklist 

Our HyperFund Global Review Conclusion

If you're looking for an online opportunity, but considerably more than just another online rewards opportunity, you have most likely found it. For the HyperTech Group's Hypercommunity is unlike anything you've ever seen.

As The world's strongest Blockchain alliance, it's attracting considerable interest globally, and with good reason.

Joining the HyperTech Group's HyperFund Global (or HyperCommunity) could well be the most rewarding thing that you have ever done.

The rewards potential is staggering and the people behind it are household names in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and are largely influential in their own right.

HyperFund Global Ecosystem, HyperTech Group International

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